The Sam and Steve Podcast

Amber Leach - Wedding Photographer, Marketing and Business Consultant and Coach

May 03, 2021 Sam and Steve Vaughan Season 1 Episode 32
The Sam and Steve Podcast
Amber Leach - Wedding Photographer, Marketing and Business Consultant and Coach
Show Notes

This episode has Sam and Steve on vacation in North Wales, and recording the show whilst on Llandudno Pier and avoiding the seagulls!

Our guest interview feature Amber Leach, owner and founder of Liberty Pearl Photo and Video Collective.  Amber is an award-winning, critically acclaimed wedding photographer, marketing and PR consultant, entrepreneur, and business coach who has been featured widely in the media including being published in over 40 magazines and blogs globally. She was also nominated for The Guardian’s Best New Start-Up Award, spoken on BBC Radio and at many events and festivals across the country. She is one of the leading female photographers within the UK and won the award ‘Top 50 UK Wedding Photographers’ in both 2019 and 2020 and has captured over 200 weddings across five continents of the world.

She tells Steve during the interview:

  • The importance of having clear, achievable and realistic goals for your photography business
  • How her previous career in marketing taught her to measure and monitor the progress of her business from starting on her own, to now running a collective of 6 photographers and videographers, whilst also managing her work/life balance
  • How she was able to launch her business with a clear financial goal whilst bring up her young family as a single mum
  • The importance of setting yourself "big rocks" for your personal life, such as holidays and family time, and never letting work take priority over these

Amber lives with her husband Jesse and children Ruah, Libby, and Thomas in their townhouse on the Hoe, Plymouth.

Sam and Steve also announce that they have won the Guides for Brides Photography Award for 2020, for the 2nd time in two years. Sam tries unsuccessfully to cure Steve of his sugar addiction, whilst Steve explains why he decided to get up at 5pm to photograph a tree.

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